“What is HireGrowth?”

HireGrowth is a group of insurance recruiters working primarily within the commercial insurance world. With both personal and corporate growth in mind, we connect talented prospective candidates with insurance job opportunities at leading companies in the industry.

“What skill sets are you looking for in candidates?”

We look for candidates who have experience in sales, marketing, underwriting, claims, and/or leadership preferably in the insurance industry. Experience in agency or brokerage roles is also a plus. 

“Will HireGrowth ask me to pay a percentage of my salary if they help me land a job?”

Our simple answer to this question: no! HireGrowth is free for all job candidates. We are here to help you find a job, and that’s it.

“How do I start learning about insurance job opportunities?”

First of all, you are already headed in the right direction by searching for insurance recruiters! The next step is to connect with us. Simply follow this link to our registration form to fill out your information and attach your resume. Once you have done so, we will contact you by email or phone to learn more about you and your needs. 

“When can I expect to hear from HireGrowth?”

Once we receive your sign up form, we will review your information and contact you within 1 week to talk about our future working together.

“Why should I use insurance recruiters versus searching for insurance job opportunities on job posting websites?” 

Working with insurance recruiters, such as our team at HireGrowth, is not only a way for you to tap into the existing relationships we have created, but you can also think of it as hiring your own personal marketers! Our team will assist you with every single step in your job searching process including position matching, resume review, interview coaching, and salary negotiating. 

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