Our Philosophy

Growing careers that excel beyond expectations.

The HireGrowth Mission

HireGrowth is an executive search group dedicated to the commercial insurance industry. With both personal and corporate growth in mind, our mission is to build flourishing careers by connecting the best talent with opportunities that will lead to higher levels of achievement. Our customer focused mindset aims to service both insurance job seekers as well as insurance organizations.

“By 2020, insurers will have an estimated 400,000 job openings” -The Institutes, a Pennsylvania professional development organization for the industry

Innovative Recruiting Strategies

We understand the need for new and creative ways of addressing the labor shortage in the commercial insurance industry. In order to respond to this increasing demand, HireGrowth utilizes a successful methodology of partnering with clients to gain a deep understanding of qualifications and skills desired candidates are required to possess. This method expedites the hiring process and ensures timely and accurate presentation of appropriate candidates.

With a delicate combination of targeted networking and marketing strategies, our executive search group is able to secure top talent nationwide. Our growing pool of candidates includes prospective job seekers actively searching for new opportunities as well as top performers in the industry who may be inspired if the right position arises.

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Business Ethics

We are trustful. Trust is assured by character, ability, strength, and truth. We understand the confidentiality issues at stake both on the candidate and client side, and we will honor that.

We will keep an open mind. We strive for continuous improvement. We are open to new ideas, and we want to hear your opinions and feedback, so we can continue to grow.

We are respectful. We treat others with the utmost respect. Regardless of differences, positions, titles, ages, or other types of distinctions, we will always treat others with professional respect and courtesy.