The HireGrowth Difference

We understand the challenges you face in hiring competent professionals, from experienced insurance Underwriters to top level Senior Vice Presidents. For positions that require skills this specialized, you cannot afford to hire lackluster candidates. HireGrowth is a professional insurance recruiting firm that can help you find the employees who will become essential in your company’s growth and success. 

Whether you’re underwriting a cyber-liability policy, conducting risk engineering for a power generation plant, or overseeing a nationwide business development team, our extensive talent pool will give you an advantage. We leverage our expertise in interviewing and skill-matching with our knowledge of the commercial insurance industry to provide you with top-level recruitment services. 

Our Candidates

HireGrowth performs extensive research on the behalf of our clients. With the knowledge about our client's true needs, we prove that our team is in sync with the needs of your team. We recruit as if it were for our own company, with the same high standards we would demand for our own hires. 

Where hard decisions need to be made, quality versus quantity is our motto. We only represent the top 20% of performers in the insurance industry. We look for challenge seekers and opportunity explorers who are confident and have a strong track record of proven success. 

Clients rate their experience with HireGrowth a 10 out of 10 based on timely service, professionalism, and the quality of our candidates. 

"We are in a niche market and have very specific needs when it comes to finding new employees who will be a good fit with our organization. Where other recruiters struggled to present appropriate candidates, Elizabeth Middleton successfully placed two professionals with us–one in each of our Southeastern locations. The depth of her experience is showcased in her information gathering, and in her selection of candidates to present. She was spot on in her assessment of who might be a good fit for us. We look forward to an ongoing relationship with Elizabeth and HireGrowth!"

The Hiring Process

Our hiring process stems out of an initial in-depth consultation with our client’s human resources representative and hiring managers. During this consultation, we prioritize the following:

Detailed job description and qualifications/skills required
Company culture and organizational structure
Pinpoint challenges, goals, and priorities

Recruitment Strategy

The vast majority of our candidates are specifically recruited for our clients’ job openings (we do not rely on job boards). Our recruiting methods involve a combination of networking strategies, influential referrals, as well as a bit of targeted marketing. Our extensive pool of candidates includes those actively searching for new opportunities as well as top performers who are interested in learning about new positions.

Frequently Asked Questions


We actively recruit insurance carrier, brokerage, and agency professionals. Our focus is on candidates in New York City, San Francisco, Boston, Seattle, Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Miami, Houston, Dallas, and our territory continues to grow along with candidates willing to relocate to these cities. Please review our ongoing list of types of underwriting professionals, as well as client facing Account Executives, Account Managers, and Sales development and customer service professionals that we are qualified to place.


"The two greatest challenges faced by employers today worldwide is attracting the right talent and retaining their current talent.  Job satisfaction is at historic lows (82% of people currently employed would change their job if an opportunity would present itself)."

We Want to Hear From You

We do not want to rush the hiring process to make a sale. We are genuinely interested in and excited about helping our clientele make a successful match! We ask for your feedback throughout the entire process and we don't take objections and criticism personally. To us, receiving no feedback at all is worse than negative feedback! We utilize all criticism as an opportunity to learn more about our clients and your needs.

We are flexible and adaptable. If there are any changes to your search, please keep us in the loop and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Need Assistance?

We look forward to assisting you in building a dynamic and competent team. For more information, contact or, founding partners, or by phone at 508-748-1690.

To view our terms and conditions, please click here to download our Fee Agreement.