Clients rate their experience with HireGrowth a 10 out of 10 based on timely service, professionalism, and the quality of our candidates.

“Exceeded my expectations!”

I worked with Tara Middleton and I could not have asked for a better experience! Tara was responsive, helpful, and went above and beyond to help me find a job that is a great fit for me. Tara had reached out to me on LinkedIn a few months prior to my search. At the time I wasn’t ready to look for other opportunities but when I was ready, I messaged her and she responded quickly. I really appreciate the time she takes to help prepare her candidates for the interviews and I love how easy it was to reach her. She was an effective communicator and was able to answer any questions I had. I am so grateful for her! I will definitely recommend HireGrowth and especially Tara to my friends. I love HireGrowth!

Cyber Underwriter, Dallas

“Proven Results”

I worked directly with Tara Middleton, and could not be more appreciative of her assistance throughout the entire process. From the initial introductory call to the offer phase, Tara was extremely knowledgeable, transparent and receptive. She relayed the company’s vision, culture and expectations flawlessly, while addressing any concerns I had, to ensure a mutually beneficial fit. HireGrowth is truly a recruiting partner, and I would highly recommend their job placement services without reservation.

Professional Liability Underwriter, Dallas

“Very Impressed with HireGrowth”

Very impressed with HireGrowth, they do a phenomenal job. They are extremely transparent throughout the entire Recruiting process. They understand the needs of their clients and do a great job of doing their research prior to making contact. I would recommend anyone to use HireGrowth if you are interested in pursuing advancing your Career.

Commercial Underwriter, Atlanta

“Excellent Help Fulfilling My Expectations in My New Role”

From the first day that I began to work with Elizabeth Middleton on my new role she was very attentive to detail and listened to what I was looking for with regard to my background and desire for a new opportunity. We discussed at length what I was looking for in terms of job progression, salary and benefit needs, as well as help in relocating my family. She did an outstanding job in helping me identify and communicate my needs to my potential employer as well as help justify those needs with market data and knowledge of the employment landscape. I felt very comfortable with Elizabeth and always felt that she understood what I was looking for. She kept me up to date on all the details of the process from start to finish, did a great job at helping me prepare for my meetings, and gave me great feedback to think about in order to prepare to overcome any objections that may have come up. I would highly recommend Elizabeth to other candidates looking for a new opportunity and looking for a little help in securing a new role!

Package Underwriting Manager, Atlanta

“Very Responsive & Professional”

Elizabeth was extremely “on her game” during the very first recruiting opportunity I have experienced with her and her firm.

I had not worked with this organization previously and I liked the way they vetted candidates and I really like the detail they were able to share about each person’s situation.

I actually hired my new underwriting manager thru Elizabeth and I am very happy with the experience.

Client Recommendation


Working with HireGrowth was an absolute great experience. They are prompt, knowledgeable, and kind. Candidates were right for the position, so there was no time wasted.

Client Recommendation

“Recruiting Partner!”

I’ve know Elizabeth for many years. Her attention to detail and her knowledge of our business is what makes her critical to finding the right candidate for our needs. She listens, gathers the information and presents those candidates she knows that will fit the culture, the job description. I couldn’t have asked for a better business partner to help with our recruiting needs! Thank you!

Client Recommendation

“A Hiring Partner Who Truly Understands the Insurance Industry”

I have worked with Elizabeth Middleton for about 6 years. One thing that separates Elizabeth and her team is that they pay very close attention to the requirements of the position and company overall. The level of detail gathered up front provides them information to identify solid candidates that truly are qualified for our openings. This organization does NOT throw out candidates to see who “sticks”. I gave HireGrowth two Underwriting positions to fill (Georgia) and they did so in a matter of weeks. I realize this does not happen all of the time but we were able to make a fairly quick decision as the candidates were excellent submissions. I highly recommend this organization if you are looking for a hiring partner who truly understands the insurance industry.

Client Recommendation

“Wonderful Job Search Experience with HireGrowth”

My experience with HireGrowth was nothing short of amazing. From the first recruiting email to the congratulatory letter I received in the mail after I started a new position, HG was firmly by my side every step of the way. The process of looking for and finding a new job can be scary, but my experience was comfortable and seamless thanks to HG. They were prompt in answering all of my questions and diligent in communicating my wants and needs with my new employer. I would highly recommend HireGrowth’s services to anyone looking for a job opportunity. 

E&O Underwriting Associate, Atlanta

“Results and Service in One Package”

We are in a niche market and have very specific needs when it comes to finding new employees who will be a good fit with our organization. Where other recruiters struggled to present appropriate candidates, Elizabeth Middleton successfully placed two professionals with us–one in each of our Southeastern locations. The depth of her experience is showcased in her information gathering, and in her selection of candidates to present. She was spot on in her assessment of who might be a good fit for us. We look forward to an ongoing relationship with Elizabeth and HireGrowth!

Client Recommendation

“Wonderful Experience “

Tara was instrumental in my search for a new job. She worked with me tirelessly and made sure everything was taken care of in the right way. I could not be happier with the amount of time and effort HireGrowth put in for me, and I would highly recommend them to anyone in the Insurance industry. 

Commercial P&C Underwriter, Orlando

Effective and Responsive”

Tara and the folks at HireGrowth did an outstanding job with my transition to my new role. HireGrowth was responsive and knowledgeable and I would recommend them for anyone seeking a new position. As far as I am concerned, I could not have asked for more from HireGrowth. 

Professional Liability Underwriter, NYC

“I would recommend HireGrowth to anyone with job placement needs”

Tara was very diligent and accessible throughout the entire hiring process. She was responsive and able to place me with the appropriate employer based on my skills and background. I would recommend HireGrowth to anyone with job placement needs. Their expertise helped simplify the process, making it beneficial for everyone involved.

Account Manager, SF